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Brooklyn (2015)


Sophia – The time period was what first drew my attention to this movie. I have really enjoyed some of the other work of Saoirse Ronan (I’m still not sure how to pronounce that), so I figured we could give it a try. If I could wrap this movie up in one word it would be this: Disjointed. I’m not sure if that’s a result of the story, the acting, the directing, the editing, but it doesn’t flow. It’s the kind of movie where you finish it, look at each other and say, “uhhh, it was….ok?”

Story line: Innocent, naive, but self-possessed Irish girl moves to Brooklyn to make a better life for herself. Family-friendly tone is smashed to bits when her cabin-mate on the voyage to NYC spews out misplaced, unnecessary language. There was literally NO reason to react that way, lady. Stop trying to be currently relevant *eye roll*

She gets a job, makes friends, finds herself, meets a guy, falls in love, becomes independent, takes the plunge – gets married, and then gets terrible news from home and has to return. And then….AND THEN!!! *grrr….snort* seemingly forgets about the character she’s supposed to have and the growth she’s supposedly made and is like “Hurdy, gurdy, gurdy – maybe I’ll just abandon everything I’ve come to believe in and behave like a simpering 12-year-old” – I know I’m super subtle, but that part was irritating. There’s a relatively satisfying conclusion, but the conflict was either grossly under-developed or just reeeeeally dumb.

Final thoughts: Costumes were UH-MAY-ZING. Music was fun, but could have utilized the Irish influence WAY more, and in a much better way. That was disappointing.

Arabella – Hmmm…yet another movie devoid of a Hiddles. Disappointing how under utilized that man is. BUT! This movie was definitely enjoyable as I was in the midst of watching it! At the end, though… The storyline is captivating and I’m always a sucker for UK accents in a period drama. You were definitely carried along as this innocent young girl (Eilis – pronounced AYH-lish…gorgeous!!) moves from her small hometown in Ireland to the brash and terrifying world of New York, tries to make friends and do well in her job, and ultimately falls for (and marries…that’s important) a heart-on-the-sleeve Italian guy. Adorbs. Then the movie decides it no longer wants to be going in this direction so the character is dragged back to Ireland to meet a lovely, rich Irish guy of good standing (Mad-Eye Moody’s son and the evil Hitler character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens…think red-headed and shouty…), get a job that she really likes and is good at, and fall in love/confusion all over again as she tries to decide which life she wants to lead. It’s mightily irritating because she leads on this nice Irish guy (I’m also a fan of his brother’s acting. Such an artistic dynasty! Just…without the inbreeding and killing that most dynasties include…) and then *SPOILER ALERT!!* when she decides to go back to her husband like an adult and moral person, she DOESN’T EVEN TELL THE IRISH GUY TO HIS FACE!!! She cowards out and writes him a note, slipped through his mail slot. Sheeeeeesh! Could you BE any more offensive?! So…anyway…all in all, it’s an irritating movie. But the costumes are cute! And several characters have Irish accents! That’s something…

Favourite Line: “And then I went up to his face and told him the truth, like a brave person. I said ‘Thanks for the proposal but I’m already married.’ and that was that. Because we’re both adults and we act like adults.” – Ok, I made up this quote. Mainly because it’s what I wish she would have said…

Obscenities– There is the aforementioned language and then a relatively small smattering of other language thrown in throughout the movie. The problem with the language in this movie is that 1) it’s not predictable and 2) it’s really REALLY unnecessary. Because of the heavy Irish influence in the movie, the exclamations tend to have religious bents to them, which is most unappreciated.

Sex – Ok, we have a confession. We’re scene skippers. We saw the scene coming from a MILE away, and we skipped it. To sum up – they get married and then get earthy. We love the term earthy, and we’ll probably use it a lot. P&S definition of earthy: Any and all forms of doing the sexes. We know it happens, we just don’t want to see it.

Also, this is a movie about people falling in love, so there is various and sundry smooching throughout the movie. It’s a pretty cute relationship, so the romance is endearing, but if affection makes you uncomfortable, this might not be the movie for you. Also, maybe get some help for that.

Audience – If you’re a teen who understands the basics of relationships, this movie is probably fine for you. Maybe still watch it with someone older so that you get an answer when you ask the inevitable question, “Why is she being such a twang-doodle?!”


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